List of Services

Energy Audits

Energy audit (inspection) is a series of actions and measures organized by professionals to understand the opportunities for saving energy and money while keeping the same level of comfort and productivity, and preparation of an action plan.

Prepaid Vending

Web-based solution where a landlord collects money upfront and issues a token to their tenant for prepaid electricity or prepaid water.

Usage Allocations

A smart system where we can accurately allocate water and electricity usage to the correct tenant.

Levy Collections

Monthly levies are added as a fixed charge on our vending system, and accordingly prioritised first before allowing the issuing of tokens for prepaid electricity or prepaid water

Funded Solutions

FactorFast Metering can provide structured finance to assist landlords with the upfront costs of installing meters.

Real-Time Data Access

Having real-time reports means you can see exactly where energy is being used and when, making it easier for you to highlight areas of inefficiency and unexpected usage

Tamper Detection and Reporting

Tamper detection and alerts discourage tenants from bypassing meters

Leak Detection & Alerts

The smart technology in water-sensor systems can help quickly alert homeowners of potential leaks and prevent the need for costly and time-consuming repairs

Matching bills based on Distinct Municipal Rates

Typically a multi-tenant dwelling has either one master meter for the entire property or a meter for each building and the property is responsible for the entire utility bill. Submetering allows property owners who supply utilities to their tenants the ability to account for each tenant's usage in measurable terms. By fairly billing each tenant for their portion, submetering promotes conservation and offsets the expense of bills generated from a master meter

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed Energy Interventions

Quantify the projected savings against the cost of implementing an energy and/or water efficiency project in order to calculate a pay-back period

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